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No more weekly balancing or testing

No more cloudy water

No more itchy, dry skin

Just pure, clean, safe water that feels like silk!  Guaranteed!!!


What is Silk Balance?

Silk Balance is a natural water care product that preserves water freshness and reduces the need for high sanitizer levels.  How?  By making it difficult for bacteria to grow. Silk Balance uses a unique technology called BDT© - BioFilmDispersion Technology - that inhibits bacteria growth.

Plus, the all-natural formula works immediately to adjust pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness to levels just right for your hot tub.

Great for Sensitive Skin

SilkBalance™ is a great alternative for so many who suffer from various skin conditions by providing a soothing relief. It does not irritate sensitive skin, yet it still is strong enough to keep the water fresh and clean.  Even the annoying smell of chemicals is replaced by a clean fresh water scent.

Environmentally Friendly

SilkBalance™ is safer and easier on the environment than the harsh chemicals currently used in the water care maintenance of spas.  No special procedures or precautions required to drain your spa.


"We purchased a spa about a year ago on our doctor's advice, as she indicated that it would be therapeutic for my wife's spinal arthritis.  
Indeed it was, at least up until my wife developed a serious allergy to the chemicals in the tub and would break out in an awful rash every time she got into it.  
We decided to try something other than the standard chlorine/bromine solutions and heard good things about Silk Balance.  
We tried it for the first time a few months ago and it has been simply amazing.  The water is crystal clear, there is no chemical smell, maintenance is a breeze, and best of all there has been no recurrence of the rash even after daily use for a month.  I am convinced that this is the best possible solution for anyone's spa."
Sid & Sandy Wade
Spokane Valley



To learn more about Silk Balance and see how hot tub owners across the nation are enjoying this new product visit:

You can now sign up for Silk Balance to be shipped right to your door at no extra charge!!! 


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